It has always been a desire of me to visit Hogsback in the Eastern Cape and what an unusual and charming little village did I find!  

This little town has become an arts and crafts colony, a photographer’s preferred location and a nature lover’s haunt.

In a less-travelled part of the country, Hogsback is magnificently sited on the slopes of the Amatole Mountains.  The rivers and fertile plains of the Tyume Valley in a region dominated by three ridges said to resemble the bristles on a hog’s back, from there the name Hogsback.

The Eastern Cape has no shortage of quirky little towns with great character, but Hogsback is truly one of a kind. 

 Driving up into the dreamy winter mists of the Amathole Mountains towards Hogsback, you find yourself in another realm. With dirt roads and ramshackle fences, Hogsback seems timeless. It is easy to fall under the spell of its misty, magical forests, cascading waterfalls and streams – here certainly must be fairies, trolls, elves and wizards lurking about in the woods. I can understand why it could have inspired J.R. Tolkien’s magical world of Middle Earth.

Ever since it has become more widely known, Hogsback has been synonymous with spirituality and a deeper connection with nature. It has therefore drawn many a curious traveller to its gorgeous green heart. Needless to say, it’s a hikers dream. Most hikes will take you to spectacular waterfalls and over mountains through lush, fairytale forests.

We stayed at The Edge Mountain Retreat in self catering chalets. As the name suggests, The Edge Mountain Retreat rests on the edge of a cliff, with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and a deep gorge with beautiful, unspoilt indigenous Afromontane forest, often with a show of fascinating swirling mists and cloud formations. Spectacular views to wake up to.

Hogsback is by far the most beautiful mountain village in South Africa. Definitely worth a visit!


The Edge Mountain Retreat: