Words seem to fail me when trying to adequately describe the majestical place of Nature’s Valley. How can one put in words the overwhelming beauty of the unspoiled white beach, wonderful wildlife, beautiful lagoon surrounded by mountains and the ecological wonderland of acres and acres of forests.

This tranquil corner is arguably the most beautiful part of the Garden Route in South Africa – virtually in the heart of the Tsitsikamma Forest.  It delights all the senses and aligns your soul back to a state of perfect harmony.

On route to this beautiful valley, descending down the winding forest pass, you can’t help being gripped by an overwhelming feeling of magic. You immediately become aware of the aroma – a soft floral tone mixed with a delicate brew of verdant earth and moist surface.

Then silence, no human-made noise. The calls of distant and near birds are clear and simply enchanting. The buzzing of insects, the cries of frogs, an occasional “wa-hu”-shout of male baboons and the wind softly, whispering through the treetops. Nature in perfect harmony.

When in Nature’s Valley, the Salty River Hiking Trail is a must do! It is a gorgeous, short walk offering a dramatic backdrop of Nature’s Valley. Be mesmerized by coastal vegetation, the Salt River Estuary, rocky Garden Route coastline and the most beautiful white beach.

Nature’s Valley, a wonderful, mystical place to get lost in.