We are hard-wired to need and love exposure to our natural world. Nature has a profound impact on our brains and our behavior. It helps us to reduce anxiety, brooding and stress by increasing our attention capacity, creativity and our ability to connect with other people. That is why an occasional getaway is a necessity for the human Spirit. All you need is some tranquility and solitude in nature to make you forget about the hustle and bustle of the outside world. My weekend at Bronze Gove was all about exactly that. 

Bronze Grove (about 3km from Barrydale) is situated at the foothills of the Langeberg Mountain Range and incorporates part of the famous Tradouw Pass. The Williams Family brought this farm to life in 2003 after it had been neglected and left dormant for many years. Today it is a working Olive Farm. 

I stayed in the River Ikhaya Cottage. This cottage is extremely private. It’s romantically nestled in between mountains on a river bank. Equally beautiful inside and out, it is fully equipped with everything you’ll need to make your stay a comfortable one. I was incredibly spoilt by incredible weather and breathtaking scenery. Powerful cloud formations tempted rain to break through. And then it did. Sun and rain marrying in a perfect chaotic ceremony. 

To top if all off, as if the rainstorm wasn’t enough of a treat, mother nature graced the sky with a  magical and vivid rainbow. The appearance of a rainbow causes undeniable effects of enchantment (and wealth if you manage to locate the illusive pot of gold).

Relax at the cottage with your nose in a book. Enjoy a walk or hike along the cut-away paths or dense fynbos of the mountain slopes. Cool down with a dip in the river or bask in the light and warmth of a crackling fire as the sun retreats behind the mountain. Bronze Grove is not just a weekend getaway. It’s a destination that restores and replenishes your Soul. 

Bronze Grove: https://bronzegrove.co.za